The Abandonment. Stories of the Eighties


The second volume of the project "Un weekend postmoderno" (A Post-modern Weekend) is "L'abbandono. Racconti dagli anni Ottanta", edited by Fulvio Panzeri and published by Bompiani in 1993. The outline of the index was prepared and discussed with the writer. In this case, the journey is no longer "public" but internal, certainly linked to introspective factors, if not actually autobiographical. It could be defined as a voyage to the centre of writing, both during the state of experimentation and the state of manipulation of the various languages and structures that had been adopted throughout the course of the decade. After the first section, "Tondelli - Il mestiere di scrittore" [Tondelli - The Writer's Craft] - a collection of both published and unpublished writings that the author had put down as reflections on his own activity and his relationship with the reader - the book is structured as a sequence of stories from various genres and of diverse natures. Amongst the texts of the volume, the most noteworthy are : the series "Il diario del soldato Acci" [Diary of Acci the Soldier] ; the unabridged and final versions of "Un racconto sul vino" [A Tale about Wine] and "Pier a gennaio" [Pier in January] ; the rewrites of "Frammenti dello scrittore inattivo" [Fragments of the Inactive Writer] and "Quarantacinque giri per dieci anni" [Forty-five rpm's in Ten Years] - the draft of which had a noticeable influence on the start up of the entire project "Un weekend postmoderno" - which ideally, concludes the volume in question, as so desired by the author.
The various stories share the same specific communicative intent. Their commonality is defined by : the writer's glance, always present in the first person, in each narration ; and the peculiar feature of being presented as " ... writing materials, states of mind, emotional fragments that perhaps can stimulate the imagination more than a flat sequential chain of events ... ", as Tondelli had noted in the text "My sweet car". In "Un racconto sul vino", taken from a university lecture and published in "Corriere della Sera" on 22 August 1988, Pier Vittorio Tondelli offers an interesting passage through wine culture. The original text of the same (35 typewritten pages) indicates that the work was prepared by Pier Vittorio Tondelli for a Semiotics course (Prof. Umberto Eco) in the academic year of 1976-77. The writer - in recounting the origin of the piece, his intentions, going over the initial prospects of the inquiry, wandering through his padana roots - had built a narration that struggled continuously betwee
n memory and research.
The reasons for the inquiry conducted by Tondelli are contained in the lecture prologue - "Prologo : un libro nel bicchiere" [Prologue : a book in the glass] - " ... that which we may call 'Alcohol Culture' ; a type of semantic universe growing day by day, from its beginning ; an enormous reserve of expressive possibility contained in a big tumbler. In other words : if it is true that each literary work, upon its appearance, enters in contact with all other existing works and is motivated by them ; and if it is true that 'one can not write a novel without beginning from other novels' (Frye) ; we will therefore search in that glass for the traces of a specific journey, turning over and taking apart the sediments ; we will throw a line into that wine made of books to fish out a Pequod that will allow us to embark towards the waters of Literary Alcohol".

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